SPORT programme achieves “promising” rating

The SPORT programme, which integrates physical activity and other health-enhancing habits with substance abuse prevention, has been rated “promising” by the US Promising Practices Network (PPN). According to a new PPN programme summary, a rigorous evaluation of SPORT showed that participants in the programme were less likely to start using alcohol and significantly more likely to exhibit self-control related to alcohol when compared to a control group.

An article about SPORT was featured in the spring 2012 issue of Better: Evidence-based Education, which focused on mind and body.

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Raising expectations across the school

Talent Development Secondary (TDS) has been added to the Promising Practices Network’s (PPN) “Programs that Work” section, and is listed as a “Promising Program”. According to PPN’s programme overview, the TDS model seeks to enhance pupil achievement by raising expectations for both teachers and pupils. The goal of the model is to change the school climate by reorganising the school into smaller learning communities.

In these learning communities, pupils share a common set of peers and teachers across their time at secondary school, and course curricula are designed around a common, career-related theme. PPN has identified several evaluations of TDS that have shown the programme improves test scores, attendance, and course credits earned.

Source: Promising Practices Network (2012), Talent Development Secondary