Randomised controlled trial of the Fostering Changes programme

This randomised controlled trial was conducted in order to investigate the effectiveness of the Fostering Changes programme, which provides practical support and training for foster carers in the UK. The evaluation was carried out on 63 carers across four Greater London local authorities; 34 were randomly allocated to the Fostering Changes training group and 29 to the control group.

Results of the trial showed that there was a significant improvement in the behaviour of children of carers in the Fostering Changes group, compared to children of carers in the control group. There was a large effect on carer-defined problems and a small-to-moderate effect on emotional and behavioural difficulties. The quality of attachment between looked-after child and carer was significantly improved and there were significant positive changes in carer confidence and parenting practices that were related to the skills obtained as a result of the Fostering Changes training course.

Source: Randomised Controlled Trial of the fostering changes programme (2012), Department for Education