Promising results for Career Academies

Career Academies is a US dropout prevention strategy for young people considered most at risk of dropping out of secondary school. The programme integrates academic curricula with career themes, including health care, finance, technology, communications, and public service, and includes work experience through partnerships with local employers.

The What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) has released an intervention report that looks at research on the programme. In particular, the WWC analysed a randomised controlled trial that included approximately 1,400 young pupils in the US who applied to an academy before their ninth- or tenth-grade years (Year 10 or Year 11). The academies were located in eight urban areas in six states.

Based on the research, the WWC found Career Academies to have potentially positive effects on completing school and no discernible effects on staying in school or progressing in school for secondary school aged young people.

Source: WWC Intervention Report: Career Academies (2015), What Works Clearinghouse.