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Best Evidence in Brief is a fortnightly e-newsletter produced by the Institute for Effective Education (IEE) at the University of York, and the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University.

This website is an archive containing all previous articles from Best Evidence in Brief. It has been organised so that, by using keywords, you will be able to find research specific to the subject you are interested in.

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Best Evidence in Brief on video

The IEE  has partnered with The National College to provide a Best Evidence in Brief roundup in video format. Watch all the episodes here.

For any further information please visit the main IEE site or e-mail us if you have a specific query.

Other sources of information: 

Evidence4Impact provides a searchable database of approaches with evidence of effectiveness. You can search the site by subject, key stage, practice, or targeted group.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) toolkit is an accessible summary of educational research which provides guidance for teachers and schools on how to use their resources to improve the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. It covers a range of  topics, each summarised in terms of their average impact on attainment, the strength of the evidence supporting them and their cost.