Suggestions for more effectively using student data

The Data Quality Campaign (DQC), a US organisation advocating that families and educators receive timely educational data to increase student achievement, has released a new report, Time to Act: Making Data Work for Students, which offers suggestions to policymakers on how data systems can be used more effectively. Primarily, they encourage states to shift their focus from building data systems to using data to determine and meet each student’s individual academic needs.
The DQC worked with educational leaders to determine four policy priorities that they deemed most critical:

  • Measure what matters: Have clear achievement goals and use data to ensure that each student is on track to achieve them.
  • Make data use possible: Provide teachers with data-use training and support.
  • Be transparent and earn trust: Make sure all districts know how their students are doing, why data is important, and how it’s being used.
  • Guarantee access and protect privacy: Give parents and teachers timely data that is kept private.

Each policy priority is followed by specific recommendations, successful state examples, and DQC resources for further information.

Source: Time to Act: Making Data Work for Students (2016), Data Quality Campaign.

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