Improving early years

This report from Child Trends presents a blueprint for effective quality improvement (QI) initiatives in early years education. The practices and considerations proposed fall under three categories – QI foundational elements, QI implementation efforts, and QI activities – and are supported by a synthesis of the existing research literature and input from experts in the field.

For QI foundational elements, the blueprint recommends setting clear goals, using a specified model for technical assistance, providing incentives for participation, and focusing on building leadership capacity in programmes. Recommendations for QI implementation efforts include provision of training for technical assistance staff, implementing a data system, and conducting an evaluation. Finally, for QI activities, the blueprint recommends using readiness assessments, providing individualised supports, and linking to professional development.

The authors note that the research literature on quality improvement initiatives is still in an early stage, and the blueprint will need updating in the future as the knowledge base expands.

Source: A Blueprint for Early Care and Education Quality Improvement Initiatives: Final Report (2015), Child Trends.

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