Fractions Face-Off! reviewed

The What Works Clearinghouse has released a review confirming the findings of a study of the Fractions Face-Off! Programme. The review found that students who were severely at risk for low mathematics achievement made significant gains using two versions of Fractions Face-Off! as compared to a set of their peers who did not receive the intervention.

Fractions Face-Off! is designed to help fourth-grade (Year 5) children at risk for mathematics difficulties to learn fractions and decimals concepts. The review considered two versions of Fractions Face-Off! – one targeted student fluency in measurement topics (such as comparing and ordering fractions) and the other targeted conceptual understanding of those topics.

In the review, 277 US fourth graders at risk for low mathematics achievement participated in an individual-level randomised control trial. Pupils received either the fluency version of Fractions Face-Off! (n=94), the conceptual version (n=91), or the district’s regular mathematics programme, enVisionMATH (n=92). The intervention was provided three times a week for 30 minutes in groups of three with trained tutors. Results showed a positive, statistically significant effect for both of the Fractions Face-Off! interventions on the at-risk fourth grade children.

Source: WWC Review of the Report “Does Working Memory Moderate the Effects of Fraction Intervention? An Aptitude-Treatment Interaction” (2015), What Works Clearinghouse.

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